By Kathryn

Yesterday I did a self defense course where I learnt that the best way to fend off an attacker is to gouge their eyes out and then bite them. Now I’m not advocating that Kerry goes and physically mutilates Bernard, that would be a bit too much, even for me. What I do think was useful was the idea you have to scream to get the aggression out and really feel your inner warrior. I want Kerry to feel like she is Jet from Gladiators. A total bad ass warrior of the highest degree. How can she do this? I think one of the most useful references I have for this is the 90’s cult classic The Craft. What did I learn from The Craft? Other than spending far too many hours in school trying to get my pencil to stand on end by magic and being totally confused that the girls from empire records was in it, I learnt that you have to do spells and scream. So tomorrows activity requires Kerry to write a letter to Bernard telling him everything she can’t say to his face, ideally get something of his and then burn them both, whilst screaming to let out the inner repression.

Go forth Kez, Go forth.


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