What’s Love Gotta Do, Gotta Do With It?

by  Kathryn

If there’s one person who knows how to get over a guy by being a fierce lady, it’s Tina. Tina Turner is everything a woman should be in my eyes… The legs, the hair, the sparkly outfits… THE DANCE MOVES. Kerry and I once sacked off an actual real life party because we’d just bought Tina Turner live on dvd. We stayed in and paused and rewound until we had the dance move to Proud Mary down. I bring it out on special occasions still.

So tomorrow‘s activity requires Kez to do the age old cleanse of burning a bunch of sage and wafting away bad spirits by waggling it in the corner of the room, but to make it a bit more fun (for me), she has to do it whilst embodying Tina. She must sing like a demon and dance the dance of Proud Mary as she wafts. And to really feet the full effect, I think she should wear a kimono- as long as it’s fire proof.


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