Tough Times

Kerry seems to be enjoying this all a bit too much. I’m a teacher so I know if there’s too much fun going on there’s not enough learning… It’s time to up the anti, and this one is going to kill her. This is going to be tougher than when Steph died in Hollyoaks. Kerry is still a bit upset about that.

She’s been all introverted and self reflective, quite frankly it’s been a bit like living with a member of My Chemical Romance the last few days she’s been so smug and introspectively emo. But now’s we’re half way through she needs to go outwards. Now I know going in for emotional spewing may be a little too much so soon, so she needs to go physical… She needs to hug 5 people. Now I know these hugs will end up being as fake as Taylor and Tom Hiddlestons relationship, and for that reason I’m going for quantity not quality. She must hug each person for at least 5 seconds, and not then blurt out “It’s for the blog”.

Kerry, this is a toughy, but I really feel it is a necessary pain to break down the barriers and realign your focus… You may even like it?


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