See It To Be It.

Kerry has regressed to being a thirteen year old and now doesn’t like my cleanse actions because they’ve got a bit hard. She didn’t manage to hug five people, and when I told her she had to start a conversation with a random man that lasted more than 4 back and forths and couldn’t be work related she gave me a death stare that some of my year 11 students would be proud of. Even Lucy Watson from Made in Chelsea would have shuddered. My only conclusion is that she is the real life embodiment of Harry Enfild’s Kevin. She looks a bit like him too. (I also made her read some of Ekhart Tolle’s Power Of Now, which I think sent her over the edge) However, she did an excellent job of cleaning the house yesterday, so I’ll forgive her and be nice to her… for today.

Our flat has a rather nice tradition of buying Heat when they publish the top Hot 100 and then rearranging them so they’re in the right order. So in the spirit of being an Art teacher and knowing Kerry likes a  bit of craft, She needs to make a visualisation mood board of what she wants from her future self and man, and stick it down on a piece of craft paper using pritt stick. She also needs to watch the whole series of Seven Year Switch, which is a truly terrible programme about couples who get the husband/ wife they think they want, only to realise it’s a total bloody nightmare. It’s great viewing


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